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New era of Giswater, the evolution of the project INPcom (03/14)

On March 11th is presented in ETSECCPB, the free software project Giswater, an evolution of INPcom tool developed by Tècnicsassociats, whose main novelty joining the research project GITS of Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

UPC staff and Tècnicsassociats offer courses in Sao Paulo (03/14 and 05/14)

The Brazilian Association of Environmental Engineering, Section of São Paulo conjunction with the Department of Águas e Energia Elétrica the State of São Paulo invite Mr. Allen Bateman and Mr. Vicente Medina of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, and Mr. Xavier Torret and Mr. Josep Lluís Sala of TÈCNICSASSOCIATS, the completion of two courses in hydrology and hydraulics urban river with the use of free and open source technology.

The online platform training opens new call gvSIG courses for municipal management (02/14)

The renewed post online training of gvSIG, open call for courses for the first quarter of 2014. Offerings published, are applied to courses created and taught by local management TÈCNICSASSOCIATS.

Tècnicsassociats collaborates with the first course of CTC: Basic Principles of UAV (09/14)

The application of GIS solutions in the world is the subject of UAV developed by the two meetings planned during the early UAV.

The same is taught in the third week of September at the facility of Moiá CTC and with the participation of leading experts in the field.


New edition of the basic course gvSIG applied to municipal management (12/13)

During the month of December 2013, there will be a new edition in Granollers gvSIG applied to basic course taught by local management staff TÈCNICSASSOCIATS in its basic modules B1 and B2.

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Released the last stable version of INPcom (v.1.8.0)

The version 1.8.0 of INPcom, the comunication tool for programs EPANET and EPA SWMM, is already avaliable from

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